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Saturday dog walks in West London

CRAZY DOG LADY is walking on Saturdays!!

Feeling lazy? Want to stay in bed till noon? Always missing James Martin's Saturday Morning Show? New season of your series just came out on Netflix? You don't want to miss that Saturday Brunch everyone is talking about? 
We can also walk your dog if you are the unlucky one working on a Saturday too.

No worries, we have you covered! Crazy Dog lady London is walking on Saturdays! Just book it in advance here.

We are offering occasional Saturday walks, to keep our quality standards in order to provide the best service possible to each dog, our walkers will have a maximum of four dogs. Please notice this means just a few slots for each Saturday Walk. We will post our available dates in advance.

This service is a 3h walk where we pick up the dogs around 10 am and walk to different Parks in the area. We will provide water, shade and breaks during the walk where they can rest and chill under a tree. They will have plenty of time to run, play, socialize, rest and feel the breeze.  

The plan is to take them out of their beds, exercise themselves but also their minds by socialising, playing and thinking. Because of that we're not always going to the same parks or areas. We've already visited Hyde Park, Regents Park, Paddington Recreational Area, Primrose Hill, Wormwood Scrubs, Westbourne Green Open Space, Queens Park, Little Wormwood, Rembrand Gardens, Hampstead Heath...

For us is very important to let them enjoy their time off lead at the parks this allow your pet to run freely in a safe and controlled environment such as a dog friendly park. This way they can regulate their own pace and the amount of exercise they get, as when they become tired they can just sit or lie down and rest before running off again.

We're always carrying bowls and litres os water just in case there is not a fountain available on the park, cause to be well-hydrated is crucial too to enjoy the walk freshly, mainly now with the summer knocking our doors.

We don't rush them, we let them explore the world with their noses, this is an additional way to develop themselves, taking their time to sniff around during the walk.

Be aware your pup will come back home tired and will need to have proper rest once the walk finishes, so plan a nap for him before going out with him again on the same day.

As Robert Falcon Scott said: "The dog lives for the day, the hour, even the moment." 
so make sure every second counts. Let's give them an awesome walk next Saturday!


  • Date: September 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th. 
  • Hour: From 10.00 am till 1.00 pm

  • Pick up areas: Maida Vale, St.Johns Wood, Warwick Ave, Little Venice, Kensal Rise, Queens Park, Royal Oak.



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We are  Crazy Dog Lovers p roviding a professional Pet Care Service 365 days a year. Our team was created by a group of people that found each other on their way with a common passion for pets. We offer all our love, care, attention and patience to your pooches. We dont just walk them we try to make every walk a unique experience. The maximum number of dogs per walker is four dogs on each walk. We stand by what we believe in, ensuring each dog has a healthy balanced  mix of socializing, exercise, routine  and mental stimulation.  We are fully insured company.   Covering Maida Vale, Kensal Rise, Primrose Hill, Hyde Park, Queens Park and Notting Hill.  

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