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Two Sisters, one dream

We are two spanish sisters with a huge passion for animals that once had a dream. We've been always thinking that working together would create the ideal team and thanks to our parents the love for dogs was seeded in our hearts since our childhood. So if you mix all this information, you will have an idea of the meaning of Crazy Dog Lady London

We've been dog owners ourselves since we were very little, we've worked in animal parks in our hometown and we've been volunteers in an animal shelter. Once Deborah decided to come to London 5 years ago, all the universe started the appropriate movements to make our dream come true. 

Nowadays, we've left our previous lives (family, careers and friends) behind to achieve our goal, we've worked hard and learnt all about the dog walking service for years, we've developed really good skills and we've got lots of amazing reviews and customers support, so now, finally we're able to launch our own business and provide our services and share a our infinite love to all the dogs that join us. We keep on training to improve the service, we're in contact with the best professionals not only in UK but in Spain too (from trainers to vets), and constantly searching information cause quality standards and innovation are very important for us.

A business run for women, a business run from the heart, a family business, a dog lovers business, a business that was a dream and now is a reality. So we feel blessed for being able to share all this with our clients and their four legged family members.

Recently we've moved to Kensal Rise and Willesden area and even though we will keep providing our services in Maida Vale, St.Johns Wood, Queen's Park, Royal Oak,etc...we're really into become part of our neighbourhood community and provide our services to our nextdoor pups. So if you live close by Tiverton Green, King Edward VII Park or Roundwood Park...we will be around so please get in touch if you need someone local and very experienced to look after your beloved doggie.


Spanish living in London for more than 5 years. I've dedicated most of my life to animals. I grew up with 4 dogs, worked in an animal park in my hometown for a few years and helped as a volunteer in some of the local shelters with my sister, so walking dogs in London turned into a natural choice. After 3 years working with a notorious team of dogwalkers I've decided to make my dream come true, and start my own pet services company. 
I´m known for mysoft spot for troubled pooches and have been walking and working with a Romanian rescue dog, One of my most rewarding experiences was being part of his journey to learn to trust in humans again.

As a dog owner myself, I treat your dogs as if they were mine, putting all my heart in every second I spend with them. I know that dogs can sometimes be cheeky and naughty and the perfect dog does not exist, but the most important thing is to understand them, their fears, their loves, and drive them into a comfortable zone, where they can feel safe and themselves and enjoy the walks!


My first dog was a Poodle (Dama) when I was 3 years old, since the moment we met we had that connection that only a true dog lover can understand. I was very little but fully aware of my responsibilities with her, I loved her during 18 years and took the best care of her during all her life. In the meantime I was developing my "Crazy-Dog-Ladyness" and every dog I met got my full attention.

Being a teenager I started bringing street dogs to the shelter to check if they had family, to keep them away from the roads and to help finding them a new home. Unfortunately we've got this pending cause in Spain. During my years in the high school and Uni I worked in Mundomar and Terra Natura, both animal parks in my hometown, where I learnt a lot thanks to the carers and biologists working there.

I grew up and combined my job and career with sharing as much time as possible with animals and nature. During that time I had my first beagle (Fanta) and then we rescued from the bin a podenco (Kas).

There was this moment when my sister told me she found "the job" working as a dog walker in London that I realized nothing in life could make me more happy than that. I came to visit her more and more frequently and went to every single walk she was doing. I made my decision after the best job offer I've ever had. So I packed my stuff, left my job in the City Hall, my house,... everything except my dog (Bowie) and drove to my new life in London.

I've been working for two different dog walking companies in London since I arrived.Hundreds of thousands of steps, millions of lessons regarding dogs after, I am grateful with all the knowledge I've acquired and I still read everyday news and articles and professional forums to keep on learning.

People says that I have "something" so I connect with dogs, but the truth is that they can feel the energy you send, and I've been years sending tones of love and comprehension so we create that strong bond that helps to understand them and give each one what they need.


German that has lived in Spain most of my life, I am helping the Crazy Dog Ladies during different seasons cause I always follow my heart towards my passions, and working with dogs is one of them. I am a professional bike rider , my other passion, so I am here and there discovering nature and new challenges on two wheels. When I am in London I enjoy a lot the city life and riding everywhere but also walking from park to park with my furry friends... 

I've got this special attraction for the "rebels" on 4 paws...I guess this is because so am I! ;-)



I am a professional dog walker. I was born in Spain, the couple that bought me suddenly realized they couldn't look after me when I was only 3 months old, so they asked my mummy if she would do it as they noticed she had a tattoo of a beagle and she was kissing me like crazy. Don't tell me why but she accepted. 

I spent my first two years in Spain with my spanish hooman and furry family. One day mummy said something about a long journey by car and after few naps I appeared in London. I had to learn quick, but all of a sudden I was understanding english cleary. Treat is one of the main words. 

Being a dog walker is hard you know, I wake up very early and walk a lot, and sometimes there's this water falling from the sky and I don't really like it. Lucky me they've provided my with a uniform so I have a raincoat to fight that.

But life in London is great, I haven't seen so many different parks never ever before, they are huge, and green! I have a lot of furiends and we have really good time together. I celebrated my birthday with some of them in Primrose Hill, I've been in public transports for first time in London and I have even been to the cinema!

I sniff most of the time looking for leftovers, but when I am free I realize how impressive is sharing these parks with squirrels, ducks, gooses, foxes and even deers! I have no time for hunting them but some of my mates luv it!

I must say I like my job and even more when I see mummy and aunty so sow happy!



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We are  Crazy Dog Lovers p roviding a professional Pet Care Service 365 days a year. Our team was created by a group of people that found each other on their way with a common passion for pets. We offer all our love, care, attention and patience to your pooches. We dont just walk them we try to make every walk a unique experience. The maximum number of dogs per walker is four dogs on each walk. We stand by what we believe in, ensuring each dog has a healthy balanced  mix of socializing, exercise, routine  and mental stimulation.  We are fully insured company.   Covering Maida Vale, Kensal Rise, Primrose Hill, Hyde Park, Queens Park and Notting Hill.  

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